Man of God (MOG), God is watching you and you are found wanting.  Why do you think he created you?  Why do you think he created you first and then formed woman out of you?  Think about that for a minute.  (And for the women or others who would like to come for me because of your beliefs that may be contrary to mines, please postpone your trip.)  My allegiance is to God and what He says that is what I will live by. That is what I will preach.

So, this message is for the men.  Do you know why we are living in all this mess that we call “life”.  Because you dropped the ball.  You were given instructions by God in the Garden of Eden and you took them for granted.  You also took your wife for granted and left her uncovered and vulnerable to the wiles of the enemy.  Thank God for the women who have repented on behalf of Eve and are today covering and interceding for their families.

This is not for every man because some men are doing their jobs as prophets, priests and kings in their families.  I am not talking to you.  I’m talking to those who live like the devil seven days a week and then go to church on Sunday morning in all piety.  Why?  Maybe trying to make an impression on those present that they are serving God and to preserve their status as a ‘family man’?

Yes, I’m talking to those of you who only appreciate the fact that your wife is a praying woman so that you can load her up with your requests when you need something from God.  The same God that you disregard and disrespect every day of the week.  You are one of those who only care to BENEFIT FROM THE RELATIONSHIP that your wife has with God. 

You need to stop, take stock, humble yourself, and find God for yourself.  As my father used to say, “every tub has to sit on its own bottom”.  There’s only so much your wife can do on your behalf. Why not be the one to say, “Honey we have this issue. Would you join with me as we take it before God?” The Bible said in Matthew 18:19, Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. Look at you. You got a built-in partner when you decided to marry your wife, and that is what our Omniscient God intended. What a God!!!

For those of you who are out there fooling around with other lives and leaving your family uncovered…again, who do you think you are playing with?  Everything is open and naked to the One that you have to give account to.  And so that you know, what I or anybody else thinks does not matter even though we/I see your fruit rottening.  Only what God thinks matters. 

MOG, God is calling you to COUNTER. He wants you to stop shirking your responsibility of husband and father, leader in your family and nurturer of the next generation,   If you don’t take account now and get your act together, the next generation will suffer.

Your rottening fruit is reaching to high heaven and God has had enough of your riotous and double-standed living.  Man-up and become the prophet, priest and king that is needed to set your home, nation and world right side up.  This is on you.

Women, like Hannah you keep on praying.  Keep on interceding.  God honors that which He instituted and how can two walk together except they be agreed.  Never mind that your man isn’t who he should be right now.  If he isn’t a Christian continue to stand in the gap for him.  If he is a Christian but is in a backslidden state or is straddling the fence, keep praying for him. Prayer changes things. 

Desperate Woman of God (WOG), Samuel needs to be conceived, incubated and birthed so you cannot abort him by neglecting to do what you have been commissioned to.  Your Maker is your husband.  Look to Him for grace and strength, instruction, understanding and wisdom as you continue to PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS (PUSH). 

NP.  Women in this text is inclusive of wife and mother, even though my focus is on the husband and wife relationship. Nevertheless, many men depend on their mothers and wives to pray for them while they continue to live like Peter Pan. And although, through the ages we’ve seen how effective a mother’s prayer can be, God expects men (fathers and husbands) to pray as well. If Jesus did it, so can the men.

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