Today I saw this tree.  It’s in an idyllic location – near a huge pond with ducks swimming nearby.  It was beautiful to behold, but then in my mind I said, ‘it’s short though, almost like an overgrown bonsai tree’.  It looked like someone had been pruning it to that size, but I knew this was not the case.  It was that size and shape because of its location, wind action and soil.  It was so picturesque I could not pass up the opportunity for my friend to snap me in the frame.

I totally enjoyed the moment.  Snap!  Click!  Saved!  Immortalized for future moments when I would need to reminisce.

As I continued to meditate on what I had seen, and how I was able to find shade under this short tree, it dawned on me how sometimes we miss out on life because we have an idealistic view of how things should be. But by now, if you’ve lived for more than 3 decades, you will agree with me, just based on your experiences alone, that perfection does not exist, and idealism only creates unnecessary stress.

I stand to be corrected.  However, if you have read my book ‘A Helper Suitable’, you would see where I admitted more than once that I am a converted perfectionist.  And believe me when I tell you, thinking and relating that way and seeing the world through those lenses have caused me many years of unnecessary stress and time that I cannot recoup.

My takeaway today is, we should not ignore or discard something or someone just because they donot present with exactly what we desire, or what we are accustomed to. Human beings, especially, are not created perfect. We are all works in progress. I am not saying to disregard your standards. What I am saying is, just as much grace as you would like extended to you, extend to others. In everyone there is some good. Based on your constitution and stick-to-itiveness, you may need to dig for it but when you find that good, be apprecaiteive and continue to extend grace. Don’t focus so much on the bad that you neglect to see the good. Remember none of us are perfect, but all of us need love and acceptance.

Here is a question for you to consider today.  

Suppose after we were born, our perfect Father God looked at us and saw all the flaws and knowing all the mistakes we would make throughout our lifetime, He just pulled back his breath and said, this one isn’t worth it.  Let’s throw him or her back.  What if He did that?  There would be no Susan.  No Joe or Alice.  Essentially, there would be no one here on earth for God to have a relationship with – and He craves relationship.  So, imperfect brothers and sisters, let us ponder this thought before we go discarding people who are less-than perfect.  Perfection is over-rated.


  1. Timothy Hodge Avatar
    Timothy Hodge

    It’s pretty amazing I drove by the same pond this afternoon and stopped to photograph the ducks ! Didn’t see or notice your tree though but sure did appreciate God’s creations. Including a much smaller bird that kept zooming in a harassing the ducks ! I even have video. So yes, there is room for improvement in each of us, even the pesky birds, and we ought to be appreciative of God’s grace and mercy.


    1. :). Thanks for responding. I also took some vids.


  2. Timothy Hodge Avatar
    Timothy Hodge

    Please correct “zooming in and……”


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