Guess who got me this morning…after four decades, give or take a few years?   Yes.   This guy right here.  

For some reason, these guys have multiplied and have inserted themselves into just about every space that you can enter in the outdoors.  Usually I am aware of them because they are not shy either.  They make their presence known, whether we like it or not. See below for videos.  

You see wha ha happened wasssss…I went outside early this morning to take something from point A to point B.   Mornings are my favorite time of the day and so I was feeling great.  Energized. Happy. To be honest, I’m always conscious of the ‘Jack-Spaniar’ (that’s what we called them as children).  Its proper name is Jack Spaniard Polistes Annuralis. But this morning just as I got to the spot they usually congregate, a thought crossed my mind that I’m not seeing any.  And then I thought, maybe it’s a bit early for them to be up and about.  Usually they are more active in the heat of the day. 

Anyway, I went into the building, did my business, came back out and put my hand on the door to close it and I felt something under my fingers.  The next thing I felt was searing pain and I reflexively jerked my hand away from the door.  I immediately realized what had happened and I braced for the pain. If I was a cusser, I would have let one rip and I can see for persons who cuss how that situation may have warranted a word or two.   It was just too early in the morning for him to be invadinge my space like that and I lost my happy right then and there. Or maybe I invaded his space, right?

Point of entry

Disclaimer:  I do not condone cussing because as much as possible I try to live by the Word (The Bible) and it has a lot to say against the use of profanity as part of our verbal expressions.    Added to that, I neither lived or spent time in environments where it was commonplace.  And today I still believe that evil communication (be it human to humans, media to humans etc) corrupts good manners. (1 Corinthians 15:33). Also see Ephesians 4:29 and 2 Timothy 2:16. This right here is a good read as well.

I digress.  Anyhow, I am not 10 years old anymore when it seems that I was immune to the searing pain these little critters can inflict. But amidst the pain a couple of thoughts crossed my mind.  Side note:  Men, I am convinced that you guys are wimps when it comes to pain.  It hurt but not as bad as I heard some men wailing about recently on Facebook.  Wink, wink. lol. Sorry about that guys.  I just had to get that one in.  In the same breath I apologize to those of you who get an allergic reaction to certain insect bites – if it sounds as if I’m minimizing the effects of this sting.  

Nevertheless, these were my thoughts.  

  1. We are all territorial and we protect our domain whenever we feel threatened
  2. We must always be alert even if we can’t see the enemy.  (2 Corinthians 2:11, 1 Peter 5:8)
  3. If you are going to go into the enemy’s camp you have to dress for war (literally and spiritually – (Ephesians 6:10-12)
  4. If you are a soldier, you cannot expect to go into war and return (if you return) the same way.
  5. As a soldier you expect pain (physical, emotional, psychological) and you manage it. 

I kind of pushed it there a bit, but everything in life good or bad has take-aways.  And those were my take-aways this morning as I nursed my hurting finger – and I dare say they present food for thought.    

After I got over the initial shock and pain I went back to the spot, looked down and there was the little guy that stung me.  Lying on the ground with legs in the air and wings spread taut.   He got me this morning but it was his last ‘Gotcha’. 

And that’s how I view life. I’m gonna take this to another level.  If you are going to come for me, be prepared to die because I’m not going without a fight.  I am a soldier in an army where we don’t take prisoners.  I may retreat sometimes, but that’s only to gather my thoughts and recharge and retool for the next round. My Commander-in-Chief gave me weapons of mass destruction, and I’m not afraid to use them.

As I would always say, I’m a ‘tree-hugger’ so I am very careful to not infringe on anyone’s domain, be it insects or animals.  We all have our place and space on the planet.  But I guess this morning, me and the little guy both got in each other’s way.  And sorry to say, he suffered the consequence. And no. I didn’t kill him.  Maybe after they sting you they die or maybe my contact with him was more detrimental than his contact with me.  Who knows.  But today his army is missing one soldier and I have survived to tell the story.  

A little dramatic, but true. 

Jack Spaniard Polistes Annularis searching for a spot to build a nest
Mud Wasp – using my structure and fixtures to construct his nest. smh

Here is some additional reading by Les Fruits De Mer. Happy reading.


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