It was 59 degrees – a little windy and overcast but beautiful weather for a long walk. Mr Love had sent me something and I decided to walk to go get it.  As usual walking gives me the kind of sensory scope that breathes life into an otherwise ordinary day.  As I began to look at the vegetation around me, I am reminded again about seasons.  It is winter here, but it is evident that spring is announcing her inevitable arrival, not too long from now.  My mind began to vibrate with excitement as creative juices started to flow.  I stopped for a couple of minutes to make a note in my phone.  Here it is.

Nice day for a walk

As long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest will always be a universal law that exists.  Seed time and harvest are activities that happen within certain seasons.  They herald preparation of the soil, sowing, and reaping.  They signal specific times when everything either looks dormant or alive.

Winter can be very overpowering, but at an appointed time, Spring pushes her way through.  And she doesn’t just push through.  She shows off.  She can’t help it.  But there is no denying that winter provided everything possible for Spring to be as indisputably beautiful as she is.  Winter provides the perfect canvas which highlights all the brilliant sights and sounds of Spring.  So don’t hate on Winter.  He is just a conduit.  A facilitator for all that Springs forth.

Now as this relates to us.  Please don’t try to measure your life or seasons by anyone else’s yardstick.  How do you know what they’ve had to endure in their Winter or how much they’ve lost because of it?  Do you even know how hard they’ve had to hold on just to make it to Spring? 

The other thing is, it depends on where you are, your winter or spring may come sooner or last longer.  There are so many variables that can affect the changing of the seasons.   My encouragement to you is, mind your own seasons.  Learn from what you are experiencing and don’t forget to pay it forward.  Everyone’s experience is different because we are different.  But I am quite sure that there are some nuggets that you can unearth from my experiences that can and will inform how you live through your seasons and vice versa. 

Live, Love, Laugh and Grow 

Life is what you make it, you know

You’re only given one on this side of eternity

Live it well, to the best of your ability

Copyright @ Susan Best 2020

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