Mastering moderation means being able to eat, drink and exercise without taking an all or nothing approach –Simone Samuels Wellness

That saying also applies to the application of makeup as well.  I remember growing up as the daughter of a Pentecostal pastor and we weren’t allowed to wear makeup.  I even remember being put on the back bench for six months for a combination of shaping my own eyebrows and lying to a nosey church member, when asked about it.  Of course, she told my father.  Yes, she did.  She thought it her Christian duty to let my father know.  Bless her heart!  I have forgiven her but it’s one story I will never forget.

Anyway, although I love God as much as the next person, I am a girly-girl and I also love fashion and looking good.  So, as a young girl I painted my nails with ‘yellow-dad’ (a yellow vine that grows wild in the islands) and I bought Corn silk powder to tame my combination skin.  In other words, my appearance was important to me and there is nothing wrong with that.  Being a Christian does not mean that you have to look unattractive.  Look at the Garden that God placed us in.  He got very creative with his palette – colors, tones, shades.   I take my cue from Him.

Today, as a maturing woman, I still pay attention to my appearance – my hair, my face, my body – but I’ve always done and will continue to do so in moderation.  As you get older you grow hair in places you don’t want to and lose hair from places you would prefer not to.  Therefore, I find myself paying a little more attention to my eyebrows and my eye lids.  And that’s why I found myself perusing videos on YouTube.  I’m happy to say that I found one that really spoke my language of moderation and I thought I’d share it with you. Here goes…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAElS6KCaLM&t=656s

Dimma Umeh is beautiful, knowledgeable and funny all at the same time. Her demonstration is simple enough for the novice and I must say that I did not feel overwhelmed at anytime. Take a look and let me know. Please share, comment and like.


In this post I am referring to makeup for everyday wear.

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